Cloud 4.0:

A phenomenon in exponential growth

A tour of the main opportunities that arise from a correct and timely migration of workloads to the cloud, and the trends that are being visualized in the cloud universe.

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About the Ebook

Migration to the cloud does not stop: its growth is continuously increasing. This technology, which is characterized by processing and storing data, has accelerated since the pandemic, as it provides countless benefits in terms of accessibility.

One of its main features is that it provides companies with greater data flexibility, being able to access this data from anywhere and at any time, being essential for companies with offices around the world or in different work environments.

´╗┐In this ebook we will talk about its benefits, its evolution and where its growth is projected.


1.Introduction: why is the cloud becoming more and more popular?

5.Towards greater flexibility: the multi-cloud concept.

2.The benefits of the cloud: cost efficiency.

6.An evolutionary step: cloud first.

3.The benefits of the cloud: about the future of businesses.

7.The value of a technology partner.

4.A definition: what is a hybrid cloud?.


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